Introduction to Huna : Ho’o Ku’u

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Aloha! Please join us as we learn about the ancient Hawaiin technique of forgiveness. This class will include the history and the importance of forgiveness through the use of dialogue and a guided meditation, along with a guided meditation track at the conclusion of the course. Course Fee: $25.00. If you have any questions or […]

Why Highly Sensitive People Attract Narcissists, and how to dis-engage

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In my work with clients and in hearing from readers, I’ve witnessed a pattern of highly sensitive people being in relationships with narcissists or sociopaths — and they’re ready to break free from this type of relationship. It’s common for those who experience high levels of empathy to find themselves in relationships with narcissists who either take […]

8 Misconceptions about Mental Health

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8 Misconceptions about Mental Health and Mental Illness By Nathan Falde ~ 2 min read There are still many myths floating around out there about mental illness, ranging from the absurd to the contradictory to the somewhat plausible. All are equally false. Unfortunately, these ideas make it harder for those suffering from mental health troubles to […]