Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your spirituality, energy, and metaphysical healing powers. What if you could experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with a Higher Power that can empower you to bring into your life whatever you desire?  That is the power of Huna.


Huna is the modern or Western label given to the ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii.  Huna literally translates as “secret” and this course intends to make what was once shrouded and carefully guarded, open to all who are attracted to it.

Today, these teachings are taught openly.  Huna is neither Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) nor is it Hypnosis, Reiki or Yoga. It is perhaps the most complete and pure system of healing and empowerment that I’ve encountered in nearly 40 years as a practitioner of healing arts.     If you’re interested in spiritual growth, Ho’o pono pono (Forgiveness), personal empowerment, expansion of your awareness and your connection to universal spirit, then you’ll find getting in touch with consciousness will awaken something inside you. Years ago, a confusing attraction and curiosity about Huna did that for me. When I took my first course, I felt as though I had come home.  

I am an Ala ka’l (teacher, guide) of Halau Ho’o manaloa (School of Energetic Empowerment) in Kona, Hawaii. The lineage is Bray/James with a significant influence of Uncle George Naope, Kumu John Ka’imikaua, Aunty Bernie Konanui and Auntie Iolani Luahine.  My current Kumu (Master Teachers) are Etua Lopes and Dr. Matthew James.  For the past 25 years a workshop has been conducted twice a year in Kona and in March, we celebrated the 50th such workshop!  The full history and curriculum may be found at  

This course in Las Vegas is the third time a complete Level One practitioner course has been conducted anywhere but Hawaii.  As you might imagine, we are very pleased, and I am extremely humbled and honored to deliver it.  Since I am unaware of your familiarity with Huna and the Hawaiian language specifically, I will attempt to give you a sense of the curriculum from the lay perspective.