Personal Development

It is said, that from the moment of our birth, we begin to die. This is not morbid, merely what’s so. We incarnate perhaps to learn, to polish ourselves, our souls. We offer ourselves to others, the World. We come to learn lessons. Lessons are sometimes painful. Healing is a lifelong endeavor and as we polish ourselves along the way, our bodies, minds, should offer up opportunities to heal old wounds. To deliver on our gifts, ongoing healing is required.

-Dr. Patrick Scott


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Professional development

Our lives call upon us occasionally to lead others. This may not be in a formal sense, and the skills, talents and competencies of leadership are essential to your path. Being an excellent leader presupposes you are a good follower. Decades of research in human development forms the underpinnings of excellence and leadership development.

-Dr. Patrick Scott

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Intellectual Development
Life requires constant learning. The speed at which this world is changing demands all of us to consistently, persistently and proactively stay ahead of and embrace our learning. Exploration means enjoying the learning process and removing any self-imposed limitations or impediments to our growth.

-Dr. Patrick Scott

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Accelerated Development

We are here to make a difference. Sometimes we are not living up to our own expectations of ourselves. Sometimes, we need a kickstart. A Breakthrough to get us moving in a right direction after a period of relative stagnation. Sometimes, we need to remember who we are.

-Dr. Patrick Scott

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Spiritual Development

 Once we align, life and the delivery of our gifts becomes effortless. To connect with our spirit and tap into the wisdom and energies that surround us offers a quantum leap into a version of ourselves that does make the difference we know is possible.

-Dr. Patrick Scott


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