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Dr. Patrick Scott is empowering individuals to enlighten. By combining Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings, Eastern philosophy, and Executive Coaching, we can get over our biggest blocks and manifest our authentic dream lives.

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Experience Transformational Teachings From Anywhere, Anytime, At Your Own Pace. Connect with Your Inner Self and Manifest Your Dreams Through Guided Online Programs.

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Immerse Yourself in Empowering Gatherings.
Join Dr. Patrick Scott’s Live Events for Energy-Based Transformational Experiences. Connect with Like-Minded Souls, Deepen Your Spirituality, And Awaken Your True Potential.

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Unlock Your Full Potential By Working With Dr. Patrick Scott One-on-One. Receive Personal Guidance, Tailored Support, Energy Healing, And Psychic Readings To Manifest Your Authentic Dream Life.

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From Billionaires And Fortune 50 Executives To Entrepreneurs, Individual Practitioners, And Spiritual Seekers, Dr. Patrick Scott Brings Over 35 Years Of Experience To Help You Transform In Record Time.

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