This Is The Missing Key To Bringing About

Massive Changes In Your Life…

(And In The Lives Of Those You Work With)

Dear lightworker, physician, clinician, coach, healer, intuitive practitioner, or spiritually curious person …
What do you think these problems have in common?

Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, unfulfilled, or not in control of your life…

Being a practitioner or business owner who’s unable to get great results for clients…

Trying every kind of personal development or spiritual technique you can find, yet still running into the same old problems over and over again.

Any guesses?

While they may seem like different problems… 

The truth is, all of them have a single root cause. 

And this same root cause, also points to a remarkable solution. 

A solution that can give you:

  • Increased energy, clarity, and peace of mind…
  • A deep sense of presence, fulfillment, and knowing you’re on the right path…
  • A unique, powerful way to automatically download successful patterns and strategies into your brain

And most importantly…

This solution can give you an ability to make a difference in your life and in the life of your clients like nothing you’ve ever come across before.

The solution I’m talking about is “conscious energy.” But not energy like you’ve ever heard of before.
This is not caffeine, a cute sports drink, yoga, meditation, reiki, hypnosis, NLP, psychic channeling, past life regressions, or any other healing modality out there. 

What I’m talking about is a proven way to direct your own energy…

So that you can become fully empowered in being the conscious creator of your own reality…. 

To be able to make massive, positive shifts at will.

In fact, even if you’ve never even heard of spirituality or “energy work” before… 

I’m about to show you how you can be controlling, directing, and flowing “conscious energy” within a few short hours to make the seemingly impossible happen. 

So if you want:

  • A deep sense of presence, fulfillment, and knowing you’re on the right path… 
  • Increased energy, clarity, and peace of mind…
  • A powerful way to make massive, positive shifts in your life and in the lives of your clients…

And maybe you’re a

  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Energy Worker
  • An Intuitive
  • A Lightworker
  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Doctor Interested In Non-Western Traditions
  • Psychiatrist
  • Therapist
  • Conscious Entrepreneur 
  • Spiritually Curious
  • Holistic Healer
  • Coach
  • Psychic

… Keep reading for the next 4 minutes, because I have an urgent and special invitation for you. 

My name is Dr. Patrick Scott. I’m the Clinical Director of the HeadsUP Guidance And Wellness Centers of Nevada, a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, and a Kumu of Huna. (which I’ll explain in a minute). 

I know, it’s a long list of titles.

But that’s because I’ve made it my life’s mission to serve, heal, and empower individuals, and help them reach their maximum potential.

I believe if something is proven to get results, and it feels right to you, then you should explore it.

This belief is what led me to directly learn from and study with people like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. 

If you’ve heard of Brian Weiss, International Best Selling Author of “Many Lives Many Masters” and Pioneer of Past Life Regression Therapy… 

I was one of the only individuals certified in Past Life Regression that Dr. Weiss would refer clients to.

And studying with these highly respected individuals… Who were trailblazers in integrating these spiritual and esoteric practices with western traditions…

Well, it got me fascinated. What else was Western society not teaching?

So like you, I set out to learn more. I became a “seeker”. 

Any kind of “out there” technique or healing modality you can think of… I’d tried to use to make a difference in the lives of my clients.

On top of traditional western therapy and psychology, I used all kinds of unconventional therapeutic techniques, NLP, hypnosis, past life regressions…

I even headed a study on Mental and Emotional Release – an incredible therapeutic process proven to be effective in treating everything from bulimia to PTSD within hours, not years – and presented it to 10,000 psychiatrists. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – some of these techniques can make positive changes.

Yet even with all those techniques, and years of study, practice, and dedication… 

None of those were as powerful as the secret energy techniques I’m about to show you from Huna.

Huna is an Ancient Hawaiian System Of Complete and Total Spiritual Empowerment. 

Everything from how to instantly let go of negative emotions…

To how to find your true purpose in life…

To how to increase your personal energy and vibration…

You can find all that and more in Huna. Huna bridges the gap between “woo-woo and out there”, to scientifically proven and pragmatic.

You see, the ancient teachings like Huna had it right – we are all energy. Spiritual teachings from have been teaching this for thousands of years.

But when Newton and the scientific revolution happened, knowledge was defined by the motto was “seeing is believing”. 

Scientists back then didn’t see any energy, so they thought all these ancient teachings about energy were heresy. They didn’t know that the problem was that their microscopes weren’t powerful enough to see.

Later on, science discovered cells… atoms… subatomic particles…

Now, with quantum physics, we’ve come full circle. We’ve scientifically proven that at the center of every bit of matter… is raw energy.

And what Huna highlights more than any other school of teaching that I’ve encountered is this simple fact: 

“Conscious Energy” is the missing key to bringing about massive, positive shifts in your life.

Any time you’ve felt motivated, inspired, and ready to take action…

Or any time you’ve felt frustrated, confused, lost, and stuck…

You’ve experienced the effects of energy. 

Truthfully, you’ve felt the effects of energy – one way or another – every single day of your life.

But what you haven’t had…

Is the instruction and step-by-step specifics on how to direct, control, and use “conscious energy”.

That’s what Huna teaches. And that’s what I want to guide you through as well.

So if you want a unique energetic approach to getting mental and emotional mastery, for yourself (and your clients)…

Or if you want to get in touch with your higher power and strengthen your intuition, to give you clear direction and next steps on what you’re meant to be doing…

If you want to be able to create ease in the process of changing, healing, and unlocking more of your potential…

Then you’re in the right place. 

I had stumbled upon my first Huna training during my graduate studies in Hawaii…

And I had that immediate sense in my gut of “this is what I’ve been looking for my whole life”.

The more I used Huna, the better the results I got were – both with myself and with my clients.

Just like my students have found:

“Before Huna, I had taken the time to learn a wide variety of modalities that were about creating rapid results for clients, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release, and Tony Robbins’ RMT coaching program. Although I still continue to use those skills I learned from other studies, focusing on Huna techniques allowed me to create change at the deepest level in the shortest amount of time with the clients I work with.”

-Argel Algura, Sales Trainer, Coach, Master Practitioner Of NLP  

“I use the Huna symbols I learned from Kumu Patrick to preserve and protect my energy. When I’m feeling mental fog, I use them to increase my clarity. When I’m feeling drowsy, I also use them to give myself a boost. Opua are like cheat codes to feel good, have more energy, have more clarity, and have more direction. You can use time anytime, anywhere, as much as you want!”

-Isaac Owens, Success, Sales, and Empowerment Coach

And because these techniques were so practical and worked so rapidly, despite my busy schedule, I was always able to fit Huna in. 

The more I used Huna, the better the results I got were – both with myself and with my clients.

So word spread around. People who had already tried therapy, medication, success coaches, you name it… Nothing else had worked to solve their problems.

So they’d come to me as a last resort… And I’d use energy techniques from Huna to resolve their issues.

After seeing all this, my Kumu (teacher) of Huna also decided to make me a Kumu of Huna. He tasked me to be one of six people on the planet responsible for spreading this ancient system of healing and empowerment…

So for 13 years (and counting)… I’ve devoted myself to learning and teaching Huna.

Because as you’re already realizing… Huna can bring about empowerment unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

And now what I want to officially invite you to… 

The Huna Enlightenment Series Initiation is an opportunity to connect with “conscious energy” – symbols, or Opua as they are known in Huna.

On February 29, 2019 at The HeadsUP Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, I’ll be initiating 20 students into 4 Huna symbols and their energies.

We’ll go over the origins of these “conscious energies”, their uses and applications, and how to use them with yourself and others.

Imagine being able to instantly raise your energy in a cool, calm, collected way… 

Being able to spot signs and synchronicities telling you you’re on the right path…

Or being able to get unstuck and always move forward with the right strategies and mindset to achieve your goals.

And imagine being able to do the same for anyone you work with.

Got a client who’s been stuck facing the same issues for days, months, even years? Use Ahiki A Ala to bring the issues to the surface, so that they may be released.

Want to be guided by your higher self and balance your chakras at the same time, so that you can remove blocks that keep you from moving forward on your path? Use Ke Ao Lewa.

Want to install successful strategies into your clients, so that the don’t regress to old patterns, and thank you for making the positive changes they’ve always wanted? Use Kahanu.

And even if you’ve never even heard of spirituality or “energy work” before… 

I will show you how you can be controlling, directing, and flowing the 4 energies of the Enlightenment series within a few short hours. No matter what your level of experience.

All you need is an openness to energy. 

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover

If you’re ever feeling off, unmotivated, stuck, confused, lost or frustrated… 

When that happens – and it will happen – that’s the time to bring in the energy of the Enlightenment Series Symbols.

Specifically, we’re talking about the “conscious energies” of Ke Ao Lewa, Ka Lewa Nui, Ahiki A Ala and Kahanu.

Ke Ao Lewa – I use this Opua to balance out disjointed energies that often come in randomly.  The shooting star quality of this symbol evens out the varying intensity of the energies that come into the human system.  It aligns and smooths out the rough edges making for a calm, peaceful and serene reception for higher vibrational energy.

Everyone experiences anxiety, fear, doubt, stress, and so on… Ke Ao Lewa will help you to move forward. Imagine being able to easily access the “flow state”, where you’re deeply present and everything seems to happen effortlessly?

Kahanu – literally “the wave of light that makes you gasp.”  I use this opua when I feel a student is stuck in their head, overanalyzing, paralyzed with emotion and help them access higher states of consciousness.  It is a “go to” opua at the start of any session where we wish to have them get in touch with deep emotion, higher self and be available to raise their vibration. Use this first, before Ke Ao Lewa to open up the neurology, then Ke Ao Lewa to smooth it out. 

Kahanu is also great for installing new successful strategies to use. And remember that any symbol you can send to someone else, you can send to yourself. 

So if you want to get over being stuck, overanalyzing, or want to get in touch with your emotions and higher self… Send yourself Kahanu.

Ka Lewa Nui – Nui means big, expansive, exaggerated and this opua is used with “denser” clients whose chakra system might be a bit shut down.  I use with students who again, have been largely in their head, or those who have had sufficient trauma so that they don’t trust their intuitive feelings.  Those who are very cautious, fearful, paranoid and suspicious of what their body does and not trusting of other people’s motivations or intentions. 

Additionally, each one of your chakras corresponds to your control over an area of your life. 

Imagine opening up your power or third chakra, and tapping into more personal power and drive…

Or opening up your third eye (sixth chakra), and increasing your intuition and ability to stay on the right path.

Ahiki A Ala – There is a difference between having access to higher realms and vibrations and actually being aware and awake to them.  Use this opua to bridge the gap between a visceral learning and a conscious mind understanding of it. When the conscious mind, unconscious mind and higher self integrate, have rapport and work together, it’s a very powerful thing. Use this last to bring it all together.

Ahiki A Ala will help you to stay awake to your path, bringing meaning and fulfillment to your everyday life.

Raising Your Energy… Enlightenment… Knowing Your Purpose… Getting rid of old patterns and installing new, successful strategies and beliefs…

The 4 symbols of The Enlightenment Series can be used for all that and more.

Until Now, Being Initiated In These Symbols

Would Have Been At Least $2,500…

The Huna “Conscious Energy” symbols (opua) are truly a special gift. 

Before these symbol initiations, the only other place you’d be able to get initiated was in the full, $2,500-$4,000 9-Day Huna trainings. 

And in fact, three of the symbols in The Enlightenment Series are “Level 3 Huna symbols” or above. 

In other words… 

Normally, you would have only received these symbols after coming back to the full 9-day Huna trainings 3 times (or more!). 

I think anyone who is interested should absolutely go to the full Huna trainings. Many students (including me) have been going to the full trainings twice a year, for over a decade. 

But – I realize that investing over $2,500 dollars and 9 days again and again can be a challenge logistically and financially.

And, I don’t want that to prevent you from learning these symbols and getting results with them right away. 

Our mission as Huna teachers is to spread this knowledge, to empower as many people as we can. 

That’s why I’m doing these Symbol Initiations – to make these conscious energies from Huna more widely available. 

And Today…Your Investment In this Symbol Initiation Will Be Nowhere Near $2,500

That’s right… The investment for this Huna Symbol Initiation will only be $750.

But if you see this early enough, as a reward for quickly taking action, the price is only $600.

That’s less than one sixth of the price of the full Huna Training… 

And less than the cost of the latest iPhone in everyone’s pockets…

These symbols can give you increased motivation, presence, and fulfillment on a daily basis…

A way to get unstuck and always move forward in your path (or help your clients do the same)…

And increased energy, clarity, and ability to make positive changes. 

In short, the symbols of the enlightenment series will help you to reach your maximum potential and become a completely empowered individual.


And if you act now, I’ll also send you my…

Huna “Conscious Energy” Powered Daily Chakra Clearing Meditation ($300 Value)

A client originally paid me $300 to create this 25 minute guided chakra clearing meditation. It’ll help you resolve and clear any blocks in your seven different chakras (or energy centers).

1st Chakra (Root): Career, money mindset, and sense of belonging

2nd Chakra (Sacral): Sexuality and pleasure

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Personal power, drive, and motivation

4th Chakra (Heart): Love, relationships, and acceptance

5th Chakra (Throat): Self expression, speaking your truth

6th Chakra (Third Eye): Intuition, sense of purpose and direction in life

7th Chakra (Crown): Spiritual connection

I combine hypnosis and guided visualization with different Huna symbols and their energies to help you clear all of your seven chakras. This chakra clearing is unlike any other meditation you’ll ever find. 

This Conscious Energy Powered Daily Chakra Clearing will help you move forward in all of these different areas of life… 

And additionally, it’ll increase your ability to direct, control, and flow your energy – especially once you’ve been initiated in the Huna Enlightenment Series Symbols.

It’s a perfect pairing with the symbols of the Enlightenment Series, and it’s yours once you sign up today.

So, go ahead and sign up to join us for the Huna Enlightenment Series Symbol Initiation.

And please note, the class is strictly limited to 20 students.

Once the rest of the seats are filled, we won’t be able to host any more students, and the absolute earliest we’ll be running the Enlightenment Series Symbol Initiation is next year, in 2021.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


Dr. Patrick Scott