Integral Life Systems, Inc.


Integral Life Systems, Inc. is a Nevada based corporation dedicated to providing international education in the realms of personal and professional development through workshops, distance learning, online education, in-person intensive work that assists individuals, groups, teams and communities to fully access all their resources. We empower others to build bridges of dialogue both internally and externally to fully integrate their physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual gifts. We contribute to an enlightened world and help open individuals to wake up by creating an environment where it is safe to practice spiritual connection and inner healing.


ILS is devoted to raising the vibration of the planet through empowering individuals to enlighten.


ILS empowers the world to be fully responsible for creating enlightened lives – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – spreading the tools, teachings and frameworks to be widespread in common culture.



Being whole, solid and intact like the hull of a ship.

Health, togetherness, keeping your word, alignment with self, ecology, leading by example, honesty, pono, accountability, lokahi, strength


Being the best we can be.

Constant growth, being proactive, going the extra mile, taking ownership for results, consistency, having high standards, quality, safety, kaizen, providing high quality services


Being of contribution to the greater good.

Positive impact, aiming to provide the highest value, aiming for the highest and best for those concerned, making a difference, amama, malama



Purpose, dedication to spreading spiritual teachings, faith, devotion, honor, enlightenment, altruism, high vibration
consciousness, we rely on spirit to guide us, devoted to our own practices, seeing from multiple perspectives


Being aloha.

Lead with our hearts, aloha ke akua, peace, joy, happiness, centeredness, for ourselves, one another & the planet, the filter through which we be, do & have

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