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Experience Transformational Teachings From Anywhere, Anytime, At Your Own Pace. Connect with Your Inner Self and Manifest Your Dreams Through Guided Online Programs.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

This Chakra Clearing is a special kind of meditation that’s designed to heal manifestation blocks in your energy centers throughout the body – and attract the love, abundance, and health you want in just 19 minutes a day. Because the real secret to manifestation has nothing to do with staying positive, endless affirmations, exhausting visualizations or vision boards…It’s about removing manifestation blocks in your energy that repel what you want to manifest. The Hawaiian Huna energy work, hypnosis, and visualization in the meditation guarantee you’ll clear your blocks. Just know, this is unlike any other meditation. It’s a full healing session in just 19 minutes.

Psychic Development Workshop Recording

Discover The 4 Steps To Psychic Development. This is no ordinary recording – this is a potent energy transmission and activation. By combining meditations and visualizations with the energy of Huna, our 28th generation Hawaiian Shamanism and Healing Arts Lineage, this recording will clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs, strengthen your connection with your higher self, and quantum leap your intuitive abilities.   

Live Ho’o Ku’u

Ho’o Ku’u clears your biggest core wounds, negative emotions, past traumas, and any kind of energetic blocks in the mind, body and spirit holding you back. As an executive coach for over 25 years, Ho’o Ku’u is what I use with my $60,000 per year clients, and is the most powerful technique I’ve ever found. In this program, we get on live zoom webinars to use the technique and clear out your biggest blocks. It’s totally private – no one on the call can see one another – and its for you if you want to quantum leap up in your growth and manifestations.

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