Work With Me Directly To Quantum Leap Your Psychic Development?

Aloha, it’s Dr. Patrick Scott here.

And I’m very excited to share this message with you!

If you’re here, then it means you already know about the foundations of psychic development…

  1. Release Work
  2. Meditation
  3. Listening
  4. Calibrating

And you’ve already began to experience the reality so few people on this planet know about…

The reality even less people have experienced for themselves:

We Are Always Connected To Source, And The Higher Realms. It’s Our Birthright. All We Have To Do Is Tap In. 

And when you experience this reality, along with the 4 steps to psychic development…

You expand your energetic awareness, and ability to be guided by source and the higher realms… 

You expand your sense of self, what you’re capable of, and have faith in being guided after going for what you want, because of your connection…

(And in fact, your desires never would have come into your consciousness if they weren’t part of your path, one way or another.)

You can even have direct help from the otherside in manifesting what you want.

Quite literally, the universe is on your team – already trying to send you signals and guide you towards evolving and making the impact you’re meant to make.

By increasing your psychic abilities and connection…

You could avoid frustration, heartbreak, pain, and stress by listening…

You could spend your time in total flow and presence, with life working for you, instead of against you…

And instead of feeling like you’re always struggling… 

You can deepen your connection to source, to spirit…

Raise your vibration…

And have never-ending energy, because you’ll be guided and supported in doing what you’re truly meant to do on this planet.

 And you’ll move forward down your path rapidly, instead of wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter. 

That’s what can happen when you listen to the other side.

When we held the first psychic development workshop in San Diego this past June 2020, I knew the class would be impactful.

But what I didn’t expect was 18 out of the 30 attendees directly telling me that the class was life changing. 

And today, you’re going to be invited to quantum leap your psychic and intuitive abilities, far beyond the workshop.

Because like we’ve already been talking about… 

Connection To Source And The Higher Realms IS A Big Deal: The Greatest Impact You Can Experience

What would you like to have, knowing that you’ll have your psychic abilities, intuition, and source helping you get what you want?

What would you do, knowing that as long as you’re listening to your heart, you have the higher realms completely on your side?

How would you feel, knowing that you always have guidance, a voice to listen to and be consoled by, a voice that ensures you stay on path… Even when the rest of the world around you may not understand?

Who would you be, knowing that you can always draw confidence and certainty from your connection to the divine?

I believe you’d truly be who you were meant to be… 

Do the things you were meant to do… 

Have what you deserve to have… 

And experience true joy and fulfillment in it all… 

A vibrant, connected life that millions of people can hardly conceive of, let alone experience for themselves.

I’m The Last Person Who Thought I Would Ever Teach A Psychic Development Workshop…

I used to have the energetic and intuitive connectedness of a brick.

I used to always rely on science, logic, and used to always need things to be “proven” first.

(If it works, isn’t that all the proof you need?)

But after using tools from Huna… The Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic Arts of Healing and Spiritual Development… 

I got rid of the blocks that prevented me from fully tapping into my psychic abilities. 

I stopped denying the messages I was getting. 

I started seeing energy, auras… 

Communicating with my clients spirit guides, higher selves, even passed relatives.

(I communicate with my mom who passed away in 1984 just as much now, if not more).

And once I stopped resisting…

I was guided along by the universe to a far greater plan and evolution than I could have ever thought by myself.

So I believe this 100% – anyone can learn to be more psychic.

These days, a majority of my clients come to me for purely psychic matters. 

I’m known as “The Doctor Of Last Resort”, because clients come to me when nothing else has worked to solve their issues…

And inevitably, I’m the one that always ends up working out for them.

Many, many clients say a single one-hour session with me is equivalent to a full 2 day, 8 hour+ Breakthrough Session.

But believe me, it’s not because I’m so great…

It’s because the client is ready to evolve, and because I can use my psychic abilities to have the other side and higher realms assist.

And while you may not want or need to work as an intuitive healer, or do readings per se…

You can get clarity on and understand the often ambiguous messages your unconscious mind and higher self are sending you.

So that you can be guided.

So that you can rapidly evolve.

So that you can live that vibrant, connected life, fulfilled and on fire with your purpose!

And so, while we covered a lot of ground at the psychic development workshop…

I want to directly guide you in taking your psychic and intuitive abilities even further.


The Psychic Development Online

Group Coaching Program!

The Psychic Development Online Group Coaching Program is a 6 month group coaching program designed to quantum leap your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Again, the 4 Steps To Psychic Development are:

  1. Release Work
  2. Meditation
  3. Listening
  4. Calibrating

And I want to directly guide you through taking all 4 steps quantum leaps beyond where you’re at now. 

You’ll get access to my monthly Ho’o Ku’u membership program, as a part of the Psychic Development Online Coaching program. 

We’ll clear any baggage available to release that’s preventing you from any of your goals, especially around your intentions to be more psychic and intuitive. 

(You’ll also see me be psychic and intuitive in these monthly online webinars live. A suggestion: any time you see me or someone you believe is worth modeling, ask your unconscious mind to model that person. Remember, we’re dealing with the unconscious mind and intuitive body – this isn’t about thinking or strategizing.)

I’ll give you access to special meditations and hypnosis tracks, and guide you along in your meditation practice.

When it comes to listening and calibrating, we’ll have specific exercises to continually develop your abilities, and again…

This Is A Live, Interactive Group Coaching Program Where You’ll Get To Work With Me Directly To Fine Tune Your Abilities.

I love interaction, and I want this group to be dynamic. 

This is NOT a series of webinars to listen to and forget about the minute you’re done watching them. 

That would absolutely defeat the purpose of becoming more psychic and intuitive.

I’ll read the group… And every session will be based on what you need. I’m psychic, you know.

We’ll meet twice a month, via 90 minute webinars on Zoom. 

We’ll also have a special Facebook Group for members of this group coaching program, so you can ask your questions, and I may pop in for additional Facebook Lives.

Like anything else in life, getting better at being psychic and intuitive takes practice. 

But it doesn’t have to take you years, like it took me.  

In fact… Between the release work we’ll be doing, the energy of everyone in the group, the energy of Huna, me guiding you along for 6 months, and help from the otherside…
(Your higher self, spirit guides, awaiku, and other benevolent spirits of the light)

This will be the single fastest and biggest growth opportunity you’ve ever had.

1-on-1 Coaching with me for 6 months is $30,000…

But Your Investment Will Be Nowhere Near That….

I’m being called on my purpose to continue teaching and spreading this knowledge out there.

And many of you have been begging to take things to the next level.

My mission is to develop the next generation of lightworkers, healers, and change makers on this planet.

Outside of this group coaching program, you can work with me as a $30,000, 1-on-1 client for 6 months…

But this 6 month coaching program with individual readings and clearings is only $5995 paid in full, or $1099 a month. 

You can sign up by contacting my office at, or by dialing the number (702) 792-7080.


Dr. Patrick Scott 

PS – The next available cohort is scheduled to start August 9th, 2023

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