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With Dr. Patrick Scott

Unlock Your Psychic And Intuitive Abilities… Strengthen Your Connection To Source… And Be Guided By The Other Side In Living Your Unique Purpose

Imagine a reality where you’re constantly guided in making the right moves on your path.

Not by mentors, coaches, or teachers, but by the other side: 

By your higher self, your spirit guides, and benevolent spirits who want nothing more than to help you progress down your path.

We’re always connected to the other side.

We were all born with this connection. 

Quite literally, the universe is on your team – already trying to send you signals and guide you towards evolving and making the impact you’re meant to make.

What if you could avoid frustration, heartbreak, pain, and stress by listening?

What if you could spend your time in total flow and presence, with life working for you, instead of against you?

Instead of always feeling like you’re struggling… 

You can deepen your connection to source, to spirit…

Raise your vibration…

And have never-ending energy, because you’ll be guided to do what you’re truly meant to do on this planet.

And you’ll move forward down your path with SPEED, instead of wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter.

That’s what can happen when you listen to the other side.

The problem is that many of us forgot how to listen.

But the good news is – we can all regain that ability, fast. 

We can all redevelop our psychic and intuitive powers, even within a single day. And I want to show you how, with the Online Psychic Development Workshop Recording!

Maybe You Never Noticed… But You’ve Already Demonstrated Psychic and Intuitive Abilities…

Have you ever felt like someone was staring at you… Then you looked behind you, and instantly made direct eye contact with someone?

Have you ever thought of someone… Then have them reach out to you, “out of nowhere?”

Have you ever made a decision that you couldn’t fully explain, yet you knew just “felt right”?

Those are all examples of intuitive and psychic abilities. 

Society just doesn’t commonly label them as such.

Think of your ability to tune in like the volume knob on a radio. For most people, their “psychic volume knob” is set somewhere between 1-10 out of a 100.

And I’m going to show you how to turn that volume knob way, way up.

There’s an incredible amount of information you can tap into, beyond your logical mind, that helps you achieve your goals, stay on path, and live your purpose.

Why We Already Have These Abilities…

I’m sure you’ve heard the term higher self thrown around. 

But our higher self isn’t a metaphor for the best version of ourselves… 

Our higher selves are literally our own personal guardian spirit. We’ve had a connection with our higher selves since we were born.

Our higher selves are also our personal connection to the higher realms and the collective, universal intelligence of the universe. 

They can remove our emotional and mental blocks… have the power to know, predict, and affect the future… and can help us make everything the way we want it.

We also have spirit guides that help us in our evolution.

So again, that’s why we all already have these abilities, and that’s why the universe is on your team.

We’ve all had intuitive hits, or had things line up magically in our favor. 

We’ve all done things that felt right to us, for whatever reason.

Society has us think, “oh, what a lucky coincidence”… 

When really, it was the universe and the other side working in our favor.

Of course, life isn’t always easy. Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.  

But as humans, we’re meant to get lessons in order to evolve. That’s what our experiences are for.

The question is, do you get the lesson when it’s simple to learn? Or do you resist the lesson, until you’re forced to learn it?

Resistance is what makes life hard. Surrender allows your path to unfold perfectly, and almost always – better than you could have imagined it.

When you’re “tapped in”, you’re able to hear and see the signs and symbols. You’re able to get the lessons early.

Life gets smoother, and you don’t have such dramatic pendulum swings. Instead, you’ll have a smoother, constant trend upwards.

Now, to tap in, you need…

The Shift That Needs To Take Place

To Reawaken Your Abilities

Most of our society has a very newtonian, linear, logical way of thinking.

We’re trained to rely only on our conscious mind… And society quickly dismisses anything we can’t rationalize. 

So anything remotely psychic or intuitive is denied – especially as kids. 

We were told we were being crazy, or that we were just “seeing things”…

(And the ironic thing is that we actually were!)

So our minds developed the belief that we were just making things up, and blocked our psychic and intuitive abilities. 

That, combined with our normal human blocks…

Negative emotions, limiting beliefs, past traumas…

These are the reasons most people aren’t getting clear messages and guidance.

Yet… When you let go of the blocks preventing you from accessing your abilities and messages from the other side… (Which only takes minutes, by the way!)

You’ll rapidly regain your psychic and intuitive abilities.

In fact, removing your blocks is the first step to psychic development.

The 4 Steps To Psychic Development

Removing your blocks is the critical first step to psychic development. 

It includes removing any limiting beliefs or decisions about your abilities…

But it also includes removing the negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt.

Without removing your blocks, you can still get messages and intuitive hits…

But they’ll be filtered through these negative emotions and blocks, so the message will be heavily distorted, and actually keep you stuck and disempowered.

For example…

“I should go meditate and be still” can be filtered by your blocks into…

“Why bother meditating? I wasn’t ever good at it, and I can’t sit still for more than 2 minutes at a time”.

If you want to get accurate guidance from your intuition and the other side… you have to become a clear channel and release your blocks.

The second step is to meditate. 

No doubt you’ve heard that you should be meditating in general.

But because you’ll be meditating after having your blocks released…

You’ll find meditating much easier, and much more powerful. 

You’ll develop true presence and stillness with meditating.

Meditating gets you into the space where your conscious mind is out of the way… Which is necessary for the next step.

The third step is to listen.

Another key aspect of our higher self is that it is not directly linked to our conscious mind.

Instead, our higher selves are linked to and communicate with us through our unconscious mind – our gut.

That’s why we get “gut feelings”.

And it’s also why getting our conscious mind out of the way is so important – our higher selves communicate with us through the unconscious. 

Otherwise, it’s like trying to catch a TV show on the wrong channel!

Then finally, the last step is to calibrate.

You need to be able to distinguish – are you actually getting messages and intuitive hits? 

Or is it your blocks that are talking to you?

Or maybe it’s that burrito you had for lunch?

There’s an easy way to distinguish which is which, you’ll see how in the Psychic Development Online Workshop Recording.

(If you’ve ever thought the messages were coming through to you were bullshit, there’s an easy test that you can always apply to get  accuracy readings.)

I’m The Last Person Who Thought I Would Ever Teach A Psychic Development Workshop

In case we haven’t met, my name is Dr. Patrick Scott.

I’ve been a Psychotherapist and Executive Coach for over 25 years.

I’ve helped everyone from CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies like Proctor & Gamble, Reebok, and HBO, to Healthcare Organizations around the world.

I’m also:

  • The Clinical Director of the HeadsUP Guidance And Wellness Centers of Nevada Which Has 20,000+ Active Patients
  • A PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
  • A Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental & Emotional Release® 
  • ​A Certified Master & Consulting Hypnotist
  • Kumu of Huna, a 28th generation unbroken lineage of Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic Teachings

And these days, over a third of my clients come to me for purely psychic matters.

In their words, they come to me for “The witch doctor stuff”.

But it definitely wasn’t always this way.

I used to have the energetic and intuitive connectedness of a brick.

I used to always rely on science, logic, and used to always need things to be “proven” first.

(If it works, isn’t that all the proof you need?)

Ain’t nuthin coming through my brain, at least back then.

But after using tools from Huna… The Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic Arts of Healing and Spiritual Development… 

I got rid of the blocks that prevented me from fully tapping into my psychic abilities. 

I stopped denying the messages I was getting. 

I started seeing energy, auras…

Communicating with my clients spirit guides, higher selves, even passed relatives.

(I communicate with my mom who passed away in 1984 just as much now, if not more).

And once I stopped resisting…

I was guided along by the universe to a far greater plan and evolution than I could have ever thought by myself.

So I believe this 100% – anyone can learn to be more psychic.

In fact, as you’ll see in the recordings…

We’ve taken people with zero intuitive background, zero knowledge of Huna, and got them to do cold psychic readings within just the first day.

Then during the segments in the second day, you’ll really fine tune your abilities, and get a sense of how you personally get intuitive hits…

Among many other upgrades.

And while you may not want or need to work as an intuitive healer, or do readings per se…

You can get clarity on and understand the often ambiguous messages your unconscious mind and higher self are sending you…

To keep you moving down your path and purpose, as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And The World NEEDS You To Be More Psychic And Intuitive

Our higher selves exist in a plane where time and space do not exist. They never make mistakes, and they know what’s coming up for us.

So if we all follow our higher selves and the other side… 

We’ll be guided in making the right choices. Not just for ourselves, but for others, too.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re already out of the ordinary – and that’s a very good thing.

If you had followed only your logical brain like we were all taught to…

You’d probably have a safe, boring, soul-sucking 9-5 job.

You’d have rejected any kind of personal development or growth outside of your comfort zone.

And you would never have come across this letter in the first place.

Most people are shut off to this side of spirituality and personal development. 

That’s how they end up living lives they hate, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working, paying the bills, and repeating that cycle until retirement. 

Most people are asleep, completely deadened to what they’re meant to be doing. 

But that’s why the world needs you.

Now more than ever…

The world needs more evolved people.

The world needs leaders and healers. 

The world needs you shining at your brightest light.

Doing so liberates yourself, and others. 

So that’s why I’m teaching Psychic Development.

And now…

You’re Invited To Get Access To The Workshop Recording, To Develop Your Psychic And Intuitive Abilities!

This is not a “just another recording”.

This is a potent energy transmission that will permanently upgrade your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Even when it looks like a normal segment of content, the truth is, we are flowing energy all the time. And because energy is beyond time and space, this absolutely flows through the recording.

In fact, I’ve had several advanced students tell me personally that they’ve had breakthroughs through recordings that they’ve never received through live, in-person trainings.

So needless to say, this is not a “shelf help” workshop where you get a bunch of books or binders, and put them on the digital shelf, never to be read or opened again.

This is a mostly experiential class. 

Yes, I will have demonstrations. I will psychically “cold read” students that I don’t know.

We’ll be developing the practice of YOU being more psychic, intuitive, and tapping into the other side.

We’ll go through the 4 steps to Psychic Development, in a way that I guarantee you’ve never experienced before.

Here’s some of what the recordings cover:

We’ll start off with the Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic process called Ho’o Ku’u.

Doing this will let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, past traumas, and any kind of energetic blocks preventing you from being more psychic and intuitive.

This alone is the equivalent of years of therapy and coaching in minutes, and what my clients pay me thousands of dollars for.

And the energy in this session alone is unlike anything you’ve experienced – even if you have this technique.

We’ll also get you connected to your higher self.

Similar processes in ancient cultures like for Native Americans were a rite of passage.

This will make tapping in and being connected infinitely easier.

With your higher self “installed” in you, you’ll never be alone… You’ll always be guided in living your purpose… 

And you’ll have a strengthened connection to the other side, that would otherwise take years to develop. 

But we’re doing it in a single morning.

And then the rest of the day will be devoted to the remaining steps of psychic development: meditation, listening, and calibration.

My assistants and I will also be flowing energy the entire workshop, so getting deep into meditation and getting messages will be easier than you’ve ever experienced.

Each segment of content is combined with exercises that you’ll also have access to in the recording… So you learn, transform, and integrate at the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual levels.

Through the exercises, you’ll fine tune your sensitivity and receptivity to psychic and intuitive hits, and how you specifically get information.

Some people focus only on one “sense”, and don’t realize they actually get more information through another way. I.e. focusing on “seeing things”, when they actually get a lot of inner knowings and physical sensations.

There’s a specific worksheet and exercise you’ll receive that helps you nail down every single way you get intuitive information.

You’ll also get my personal process that I use for every single client I work with. This “psychic checklist” is a big reason why I can help my clients clear issues that no one else has been able to clear.

I also use the same “psychic checklist” on myself – to ensure that I’m a clear channel, and any negative or stuck energy gets released and eliminated.

And Again, Yes…

Yes, because energy doesn’t know time or space, this will be just as effective online.

Actually, all my clients today are online.

And I’ve even had clients say they get better results with me online than they have during in-person workshops!

Now, for centuries, humans have tried to connect with spirit in so many ways – from sacred, spiritual rituals, to using other substances.

The intention with those kinds of ceremonies is so that you can have a reference experience to call on in your everyday life – not to be dependent on external means to get your desired results.

That’s the same intention for this workshop – to jumpstart and deepen your psychic and intuitive abilities.

We’ve gotten consistent feedback from previous workshops that this Psychic Development Workshop is life changing…

And I’ve charged as much as $20,000 dollars for a day of working with me…

But Your Investment Will Be Nowhere Near That….

I’m being called on my purpose to start teaching and spreading this knowledge out there.

My mission is to develop the next generation of lightworkers, healers, and change makers on this planet.

So the investment to get access to this Online Psychic Development Workshop Recording…

Will only be $555 dollars.

Clients have paid me far more for just the release work you’re getting in the first segment alone…

And the combination of release work, connection to your higher self, and the energy flowing in the room, makes this unlike any workshop you’ve ever experienced. 

Plus, I’ll Also Give You These Gifts:

Recording Of The Huna Ho’o Ku’u Process To

Continually Remove Your Blocks

Ho’o Ku’u, the release work process we’ll go through in the first segment of the day, isn’t just for developing your psychic abilities. 

Remember, it’s the equivalent of years of therapy and coaching in minutes. 

I’ve used it to help my clients with issues like PTSD, anxiety, a bad relationship with money, getting over traumatic issues from childhood, and on and on.

My clients in the past typically come to me as the “doctor of last resort”, and Ho’o Ku’u is my go-to technique for getting them the results they want.

You can use it anytime you have anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, or limiting beliefs pop up.

I personally use this process every single day myself, and it’s a foundational component of my psychic checklist.

And as we evolve, we’ll have more of our blocks pop up. 

The more of your blocks you remove, the more you evolve, and the easier it’ll be to be intuitive and psychic…

Which is why I want to gift you this recording. Clients have paid me up to $5,000 a month for Ho’o Ku’u sessions, but I want to give this to you for free.

I also want to give you…

Huna “Conscious Energy” Powered Daily Chakra

Clearing Meditation ($300 Value)

A client originally paid me $300 to create this 25 minute guided chakra clearing meditation. It’ll help you resolve, balance and clear any blocks in your seven different chakras (or energy centers). 

1st Chakra (Root): Career, money mindset, and sense of belonging

2nd Chakra (Sacral): Sexuality and pleasure

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Personal power, drive, and motivation

4th Chakra (Heart): Love, relationships, and acceptance

5th Chakra (Throat): Self expression, speaking your truth

6th Chakra (Third Eye): Intuition, sense of purpose and direction in life

7th Chakra (Crown): Spiritual connection

I combine hypnosis and guided visualization with different Huna symbols and their energies to help you clear all of your seven chakras. 

This chakra clearing is unlike any other meditation you’ll ever find. It’s like a full energy healing session that you can access on demand, at anytime.

This Conscious Energy Powered Daily Chakra Clearing will help you move forward in all of these different areas of life… 

And additionally, it’ll also increase your ability to tap into your intuition. 

It’s a perfect addition for you as you develop your abilities, and it’s yours for free once you sign up today.

You’re also getting…

Huna Hiolani Meditation Webinar And Audio Recording 

In this webinar on the Hiolani meditation, we go over:

  • Why most people counter-intuitively start with the hardest form of meditation, and what to do instead to see the benefits and deepen your spiritual practice
  • The real goal of meditation, and how to get the benefits even within 5 minutes
  • The Huna symbol of creation, and how your reality is constructed 

And more. Then we get into the Hiolani Meditation.

I do some chanting and flow energy to help make it a meditation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…

Even if you are a Huna student.

With practice, you can use the Hiolani Meditation to get into deep states of trance, raise your vibration, and connection to the higher realms…

Anytime, any place. There’s no special costume or wand or mantra required to use the Hiolani Meditation.

These three gifts alone are worth the price of admission…

You’ll get immediate access to these gifts and the workshop material as soon as you sign up via email…

And I’ll Also Give You This Guarantee:

If you do all the exercises and stay for half of the day… and you still feel like you haven’t gotten any more intuitive, psychic, or connected, then I will refund you your price of admission.

But I don’t think you’d do that. 

The release work alone… 

Getting rid of years of blocks – both related to psychic abilities and any other negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are ready to release…

Is worth the price of admission.

And to finally have the universe work with you, supporting you, helping you manifest what you came here to do? 

There’s nothing else like it in the world.

So, click the button below and get access now. I’m looking forward to seeing you develop!


Dr. Patrick Scott

PS – Here’s what some students have to say about the Psychic Development Workshop: