Dr. Patrick Scott

25 Years Executive Coach and Psychotherapist 

Need Direct Help About Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs?

You can choose between becoming a full coaching client, an individual breakthrough session, session packages, or a combination of all of the above.

No matter which you’d like to choose, our work together is completely tailored to your goals, wants, and needs.

Releasing negative emotions, limiting beliefs, core wounds, and karmic patterns.

Some clients have said this is like 10 years of therapy in a single session. Other clients have issues resolved that they’ve held for over 30 years.

Psychic readings.

I tap into and channel the energy of your spirit guides, higher council, dead relatives, whoever is available… 

Which helps you gain clarity on what’s coming up on your path, what blocks are stopping you, what goals and intentions would be best for you to focus on, and more.

Whatever questions you’d like to ask are fair game – and if they’re the right kinds of questions (meaning, not wanting exact dates and times about specific material things, and are more so about your own growth, path, and evolution), you’ll get an answer.

Hypnosis and past life regressions.

All learning behavior and change occurs in the unconscious mind. So on top of releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, hypnosis and past life regressions can further assist in training your unconscious mind to trade unsuccessful behaviors for successful ones.


Dr. Patrick Scott

My name is Dr. Patrick Scott. I’m the Clinical Director of the HeadsUp Guidance and Wellness Centers of Nevada, a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, a certified trainer and master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming and mental and emotional release, a certified master and consulting hypnotist, and a Kumu of Huna.

I know, it’s a long list of titles.

But that’s because I’ve made it my life’s mission to serve, heal, and empower individuals, and help them reach their maximum potential.

I’m also:

  • A Kumu Of Ancient Hawaiian Huna
  • The Clinical Director of the HeadsUP Guidance And Wellness Centers of Nevada Which Has 20,000+ Active Patients
  • A PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • A Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mental & Emotional Release®
  • ​A Certified Master & Consulting Hypnotist


And again, our work together is completely tailored to your goals, wants, and needs. So if you’re interested, please fill out your contact details in the form below:

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